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Allan Ross, is an expert in the field of LPG conversions, diagnostics, servicing and repairs and has 18 years experience in the LPG trade. Servicing all the local Hire Cars and Taxi services with all their LPG needs. He has a vast LPG knowledge on most LPG System Brands and accessible to a large range of parts.

We like to use the best available equipment on the market, ensuring the best possible results for your vehicle. Customers will want gas for various reasons and we listen. Some need it for their daily commuter. Some for their special ride. And some are on a tighter budget. We can cater to your needs from top of the line hi tech equipment, good value new equipment.

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Tank Testing:
When was your gas tank and system last checked?

Did you know that your tank should be tested every 10 years and your gas system inspected, leak tested and tuned every year. Very few mechanical workshops have the knowledge or qualifications do this safely
We can!

How good is your car running? Could it be better?
Is your gas tune right?

We often have customers asking us to inspect their LPG system, and we often hear that they have had their car converted but just want a second opinion as to whether work was completed correctly or to help eliminate ongoing issues that may have arisen.

We are a family based mechanical workshop.

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